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Jesse the IT guy was sick and tired of being the punching bag for the windbags in upper management. They knew little about how to use technology yet it was always Jesse’s fault when they installed a toolbar, saved over a crucial file, or forgot their password even though it was their last name first initial. One of these jackasses was tolerable, this guy named Gordon. A Mac user, he was completely helpless on a Windows PC but he was at least polite and cordial when asking for help (which was often). When Jesse did his end-of-the-month internet history checks, he was shocked to see Gordon had been doing searches for gay porn at work. He was supposed to report these things immediately as they were fireable offenses, yet, Jesse had a better idea.

He saw that Gordon had a fetish for eating ass and Jesse had always wanted to try it. So, after confronting him in an empty conference room, they struck a deal – Gordon on his knees for the lowly IT guy; Gordon got to keep his job, and Jesse’s ass got all the attention it could want. Boy had a magical velvet tongue, and he was an excellent cocksucker too. Of course, Jesse also taught Gordon how to find the best porn online but only when he wasn’t at work. He was happy to help Gordon stay at that company for a long time. Hell, it was the best job Jesse ever had.


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