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He hired me to shoot commemorative photos of his graduation from the The New England Conservatory in Boston. He said he wanted at least one picture of him with his violin where he didn’t look exhausted. I asked why he selected me because although I’m a portrait photographer, I normally do artistic nudes, bathing suits, homo-erotic, and other fashion related gigs. He said he liked that my subjects looked “real”. I had no idea what that meant, but I accepted it as a compliment anyway.  

Shooting a violinist was a fresh challenge though. Violins are only held one way – under the chin to one side, so there’s really two poses: that one, and clutching the violin in their arms. So boring. We shot at least 300 pictures in those poses and nothing was gelling. My client began to look restless. I sensed he was considering if it was too late to ask for a refund. Running dry on ideas, I decided to resort to what I know best – the human body.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes?" I suggested, then had to supress a laughing after I saw the expression on his face.
"Are you serious…?” he gaped.
“Yes, absolutely, I shoot artistic nudes, not class pictures. You told me you work out at the gym so your arms are nice and muscular – the lighting right now is perfect, nice and soft, we don’t have to even adjust anything. I think it’d work better than the sweater you’re wearing. It doesn’t make good shadows.”
I could nearly hear the gears in his head. “I’m…I can’t show this to my mother…”
“Well, we took a million photos of you looking quaint in a sweater with the violin, send her one of those. I’ll give you a deep discount on the rights to this picture.” He was still thinking, so I decided to close the deal. “Besides, the violin doesn’t play itself right? It’s just wood and rosin and …stuff… You’re the genius here. I was hired to photograph a violinist wasn’t I?”

A sly grin spread over his jaw. “Persistent aren’t you? You make a point. Alright. I’ll do it. But if these get out on the internet…”
I scoffed, “And ruin my reputation? No thanks.”
He set down the precious, expensive violin in its case then methodically undressed as if he was at the gym. I provided a chair out of frame for his clothes. When his underwear slid off, I tried not to gasp. or stare. or ogle. Well, look at it, really. He had a much bigger penis than I would have guessed, one of the biggest I’d ever seen on a man. I am glad he couldn’t see me blushing behind the camera. 

He muttered something about being happy to get rid of the sweater as the lights were making him hot as he picked up his violin again. Initially, he was shy and tried to cover his crotch with his instrument.

“No no no, that’s…that’s gross. Seriously, your violin isn’t sexual like that. Raise it up, above your head, high! High yes! Drop your elbow. Other elbow.” I set the shutter off in such rapid fire succession that it sounded like I was emptying a magazine clip. “Shift your weight to one hip…god, beautiful!” My inspiration went through the roof; suddenly I was excited and invigorated and barking out lots of new directional cues until he slid into just the right jaunty pose and I knew we had a winner.

I told him to relax a moment and popped the card into my computer to check. While glancing at them in thumbnail mode, I noticed an obvious different from the first and last picture as his cock had began to lift from between his legs. He was getting hard under the attention. It was impossible not to be aroused by this. Stupid day to not wear underwear. Oh man..then it saw it. THE picture. His eyes were closed by accident, but it was meant to be. 

When I came out of my office, he was playing a pretty little melody.
“We did it,” I announced, “I got the best photo of you…wanna come see it?”
“Sure!” he didn’t seem to mind his nudity anymore and jogged over to my computer. I showed him it and he turned red all over. “Wow… my cock looks huge in this…”

I laughed, “I think it looks artistic. You have a really gorgeous body. I mean…as a gay man myself, I’m a little jealous.”
“…What, it’s not obvious?”
He waved his hand at me. “I have terrible gaydar, anyone will tell you,” then went back to concentrating on the photo, “I really like the look on my face. My hair looks cool.”
“Yes yes,” I agreed eagerly, “I also like how the violin is half out of frame. It’s not the focus of the shot anymore. You are.”
“Yes. I …I really love it. It’s going to take some getting used to, seeing myself nude but… you really captured how I feel when I play. When I watch videos of my performances, it looks like that.”

I wondered how he looked when he was orgasming. Ugh my brain was not behaving itself. “Thank you, I really appreciate it. Well, I think we’re done for today. You can get dressed now…if you want.”
He raised an eyebrow at me. “If I want…?”
Color rose to my face. “I um. Er. Sorry, that just slipped out. Sorry. Not professional.”
He sat on the edge of my desk, “You want to touch my cock don’t you?”
“You’re my client, that is not how I do business!” I stammered.
“Oh come on, I saw your eyebrows go up when I took off my pants. I know a reaction to a big cock when I see one. Come on, I’m really happy with your work…take a tip. Literally." 

When I didn’t say no, he got up and shut the door trapping us both inside the office. I’m so glad he made that decision for me, I couldn’t wait to stroke it, pet it, arouse him – of course, I had to take pictures of him in heat. Needless to say, he got batches of erotic photos for free. Also, I learned a valuable lesson that day in cleaning cum off my camera lenses. 

From then onward, anytime he needed photos taken he’d call me. Afterwards, we’d always go into my office to review the photos, always with the door closed. It went on this way until he called me one day, asking to shoot his engagement photos. I made them do nudes too.

Post is fictional. Model is the interestingly named Czyz Otto. Watermark has been photoshopped out; the photographer is the super talented Tom Silk. Lotta beautiful dick in his portfolio.


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