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“Wake up boy~”
“Come on, it’s your first day of chastity, I want to see how your device is fitting.”
“Mmf.” He rolls onto his side.
I push the sheet up so I can see it then give it an examination. “Good solid fit, no chafing… you got a little space at the end here, do you need a smaller device?”
He wiggles under my touches. “No I need that space for when I get hard,” he murmurs, still not entirely awake.
I chuckle, “No baby that’s not how it works. You’re not getting hard anymore. We talked about this right? Your New Years resolution was to masturbate less.”
“Yeah but…”
“Just because the cage stops expansion outward doesn’t mean your cock will go upward.”
He stares at me. 
“Oh ho you thought that’s how you were going to get away with this. Boy it doesn’t reduce your hard on, it *stops* your hard on. You can’t swell, you can’t grow, you can’t touch yourself, you can only hold the iron rings in your hand and remember that you used to be able to.”
He tries to sit up, sputtering, “But my balls – I need to cum!”
“Baby…” I run my hand over his belly to sooth him, “Do you remember any of our conversation? We talked about this. This is why I got you those new toys for Christmas. Trust me, after I’m done with your training you’ll never want to jerk off again. There are many more exciting ways to milk the cum out of those cute balls of yours.”
“Yes, and I’m going to try every one.”
He eyes me.. “So ..does that start this morning?”
“No, it only works when you’re very horny so we’re going to wait a couple days-”
-Days??“ he exclaims.
"Did you not pay attention during any of our conversation about this?” I tilted my head. “Yes, days, so you’re dripping pre-cum… trust me, baby, it’ll change your world.”
He glanced down at his cage. “I really do want to stop masturbating so much…but now all I want to do is masturbate..”

“Tut tut. Sit up. Yes like that. On your knees, hands on your lap. Good boy. Here’s your first lesson. Now, you’re going to watch me masturbate and then you’re going to take a cold shower.”
“You can suck my cock if you want to, but you’re not getting the key to yours.”
His face contorts at his options, “But…" 
"If you say ‘but’ again I’m going to start putting things in it.”

That got him quiet. He sat there obediently, watching me slowly pleasure myself as his cock pressed against the metal rings. When I hit my climax, he was whimpering and so I let him finish me and clean me off. Already, he was more focused than normal since he wasn’t distracted by his own member. After I pushed him off my sensitive organ, my boy then gave me puppy eyes as if trying to guilt me about this.
“No. You’re staying locked. Now go take that shower.”

He sighed in acceptance and went to go cool down. Went pretty smooth for day one of… oh we’ll see won’t we?

Post is fictional. Pic submitted to lockndenied.


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